German School Tonbridge

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Costs per term

You are required to complete registration and make payment for the next term at the latest by the last Saturday at the end of the preceding term.

The costs per term are as follows:

  • One child: £110
  • Two children: £195
  • Three children: £270

10% discount for annual payments in advance.

Other costs

In addition you are required to pay at the start of each academic year, i.e. early September, £20.00 per family to cover the costs of the school such as the membership fee for the VDSS and some of the other one off annual event costs.

When you first register we charge a Registration fee of £15.00 which includes the costs for our Schoolbag which you will receive as a welcome present to the school.

We usually offer a ‘Schnupperstunde’ for new starters, where on one hand we assess whether the child’s language capability is sufficient to follow the lesson but on the other hand provides the child and the parent the opportunity to find out whether they would like to join the school.

For more information please contact us via our contact page.