Deutsche SamstagsSchule Tonbridge

Welcome to the German Saturday School, Tonbridge!

Our school was established in 1999 and is run by local parents for children from German-speaking families.

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Since 2006 we have been fortunate enough to be able to rent the Hildenborough C of E primary school, which provides a fine, safe and friendly learning environment.

Since the school was first established it has grown that we currently welcome around 70 children with German background from the ages of 3.5 to 11 years old.

Our objective is to create a fun and friendly environment in which children can practice, enhance and improve the German they learn at home, make new friends and widen their knowledge of German culture and traditions.

As we are not a formal language school, and therefore do not teach German as a foreign language, all lessons are held in German. It is therefore essential that the children have a certain minimum level of understanding and speaking German when they first start at the school.

We have 6 classes with a maximum of 12 children per class. The lessons are held each Saturday morning during term time from 10am until 12 midday. All Classes are taught by German teachers or by parents with the relevant qualifications.

It is important that all children enjoy being taught in German and look forward to coming to the Saturday lessons.

If you are interested to hear more about the school and to enquire about a place for your child we would be delighted to hear from you.